Are you the right owner for a rescue horse?

Buying your first horse is such an exciting and wonderful adventure! After a lot of research, excellent advice and guidance, you’ll be able to find your ideal equine match!

However, we’ve all seen the emaciated, neglected, abused and abandoned horses that end up on rescue websites, in dogger pens and sales yards.



It’s always heart breaking for any animal lover to see this happen and a kind hearted and inexperienced horse lover can easy make the potential mistake of purchasing a rescue horse as their first horse… 


Taking on a rescue horse can be a very challenging endeavor for a variety of reasons. Especially for a first time buyer. There is a greater financial hardship as rescue horses tend to need a greater amount of care and rehabilitation to nurse them back to good medical and emotional health.

The biggest issue with purchasing a rescue horse as your first horse though, is the lack of history about the horse you’ve now taken under your wing. Where did it come from? Does it have any hidden health issues? Is the horse mentally sound? Has the horse been abused? Does the horse have behavioral issues (on the ground or ridden)?
These are all potential huge risks when purchasing an unknown quantity….


Especially if you are looking in dogger pens and sales yard for a horse to rescue. Shonky dealers will sometimes tell you anything you want to hear just to make a quick dollar, even if that means lying about a horse’s history or reason for ending up in the yards to begin with. They will happily sell you a dangerous horse as a bombproof “family pet”, and by dangerous, that could be as simple as the horse just being too much for a beginner horse owner to handle, which can end in catastrophe. Up to 20 Australians are killed each year from horse related accidents.


Not all abused and/or neglected horses are dangerous or have behavioral issues, and sadly have just been incredibly unlucky and need lots of love and care! But the message here is, rescuing horses is a WONDERFUL thing to do and so many fantastic people do wonders in re-homing neglect cases…But when searching for your first horse or pony, go down another avenue. Safety and caution is paramount!  

By all means look at rescuing a horse in need later down the track when you have more knowledge and experience under your belt. 🙂



If you would still love to help support a rescue horse and donate money to help with the ongoing care, there are several fantastic sanctuaries that allow you to do just that! 🙂

Horse Rescue Australia

Save A Horse Australia

Quest Equine Welfare

Equine Action Queensland Inc.

While you are looking for your first horse, there are many do’s and don’t’s that you need to look out for and remember! Luckily here at Horses-Store we provide a complete online course that teaches you what you need to know when buying your first horse, as well as learning how to safely enjoy and take care of your horse! You can find out more by following this link: Available Courses

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