Buying the horse is the easiest part!

A lot of the time you will hear riders talk about how “comfy” a saddle is and how “lovely” it feels to ride in, which is fantastic as the rider’s comfort is important.

However, is it comfortable for the horse? How well does it fit? Does it feel just as lovely for them as it does for you?

As horses lose or gain weight and change in terms of their fitness levels, their body and back shape can change as well, so it’s important to revisit saddle fit every so often.




Fitting saddles is like fitting a shoe, it needs to be done correctly to allow for movement without pinching or pain. If you are noticing discomfort or changes in your horse’s attitude or behavior under saddle, then it may be time for a professional assessment of how your saddle is fitting.



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A couple of great saddle fit checks from h


5 Horse Behavioral Checks

  1. Does he wince when you touch his back, or try to kick, bite or is generally not happy when you groom him or saddle him up?
  2. Is he cold backed when mounted?
  3. Does he generally resist your aids?
  4. Does he have muscle loss, dry spots, broken or white hairs?
  5. Is he difficult to shoe or resists raising his legs?

5 Saddle Checks

  1. Does your saddle tip you off balance either forwards, backwards or to one side or does the saddle just not feel right?
  2. Is there less than 2 fingers clearance along saddle panels to his spine?
  3. Does the saddle seem to have uneven pressure through the panels down behind your horse’s shoulder or along his back?
  4. Is your saddle new and has not been fitted?
  5. Has it been more than 6 months since your last Saddle Fit?

5 General Checks

  1. Has your horse recently come into work?
  2. Has your horse’s diet recently changed?
  3. Has your horse recently recovered/recovering from an injury or illness?
  4. Is your horse new?
  5. Are you sharing a saddle with other horses?


If you answered yes to any of these, it’s definitely a good idea to organise a professional saddle fit. 🙂

For further education on signs that your saddle isn’t fitting quite right, there is a fabulous article below!

Signs That Your Saddle Doesn’t Fit Your Horse By Alexandra Beckstett


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