Can you feel the change in weather coming? Time for some magic!

Early in the morning, when you walk outside to feed your horses, you can feel it. You can smell it… there is a change in the air!

The mornings are crisper, the grass has more dew on it and you can just feel that autumn and winter are just around the corner. Time to get ready for some major horse grooming!

Every change of season comes with your horse shedding their coat to make room for the coat they need for the upcoming season. With the days getting shorter, the hairs in your horse’s coat get longer.

How to speed up this process? With a little MAGIC:

Magic Brush detail

Magic brushes get more dirt from their coat than you can imaging!

The magic brushes are not only brilliant for cleaning your horse, but they also work fabulous in helping to speed up the coat shedding process.

magic brush fans

Great testimonial for the Magic Brushes

The way the magic brush bristles are designed helps with dead hairs to loosen from the coat and you’ll be amazed how much hair you’ll get from your horse in one grooming session!

As an added bonus – your horse will absolutely love you for it! They love the soft massage action that the magic brushes give on their skin and muscles.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – get your magic brushes now…. You have the choice from 3 different colour sets:

  • Neon
  • Purple
  • Ice Blue
magic brushes in Dayboro

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