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how to measure
March 23rd, 2015 by menken

Next to horse riding, which I do most of the day, I like running. Most of my days are packed with sport therefore a sports bra is a necessity for me.

The support due to the smart details of the Equi.Linn bra brings comfort whilst exercising.

The wide, padded shoulder straps can be transformed to racer back.

The strong “Power-Mesh” at the sides, the wide elastic band under the cups and the wide adjustable 3-hooks fastening in combination with the nice material, padded cups and fashionable violet ice colour make Equi.Linn a unique product.

I also use Equi.Linn lingerie during chique occasions as well as during dressage competitions.
What size are you? Find out here

Dressage is also show, radiation and performance! therefore a well chosen sports bra or to be more accurate sports lingerie, is part of the game. Eui.Linn ensures good appearance, good comfort and good support in many different situations.


Marlies van Baalen, Dutch Dressage Rider.

Marlies van Baalen

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July 3rd, 2014 by menken

What size am I?

To find out what size you are you need to take two measurements:

1) around your rib-cage where you would hook your bra around you.

2) around the cup

how to measure

Measuring for the perfect fit




Approximate measurements
EU size AUS size Ribcagemeasurement(cm) Cup measurement(cm)
70B 10B 70 86
75B 12B 75 91
80B 14B 80 96
85B 16B 85 101
90B 18B 90 106
70C 10C 70 88
75C 12C 75 93
80C 14C 80 98
85C 16C 85 103
90C 18C 90 108
70D 10D 70 90
75D 12D 75 95
80D 14D 80 100
85D 16D 85 105
90D 18D 90 110

The underband should be snug but not too tight; you need to be able to put a finger in between the underband and your skin.Don’t have the tape-measure too loose as you won’t get the support you need from your bra!

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June 11th, 2014 by menken

Every person who has a pair of Equi.Linn hipsters comes back for more. These are probably the most comfortable briefs you will ever ride in. OK – these briefs are for girls only, sorry boys… you have boxer shorts to ride in (more about that in another article).

Equi.Linn hipster briefs

The Equi.Linn hipster brief has been designed with the demands of horse riding and high intensity exercise in mind.These briefs have a special velour lining that stops the material from rolling up or sliding down (as long as you wear the correct size!)The technical material wicks moisture away from your body to stop chafing.

WebMD has the following advice on how to avoid Chafing:

Dress right.
When exercising, wear proper-fitting, moisture-wicking clothes, such as those made with synthetic fibers. Do not exercise in cotton. Compression shorts, such as those worn by cyclists, may help reduce thigh chafing. Also, less is more when it comes to dressing for exercise. If it is warm outside, consider running without a shirt if you are a man and in only a jogging bra if you are a woman. Lastly, choose exercise clothes and bras that have smooth seams to avoid rubbing.

Equi.Linn Sports lingerie ticks all the boxes to prevent chafing:

  • It is light weight
  • It is moisture-wicking
  • The material feels smooth agains your body

In addition – the Equi.Linn hipster briefs don’t have stitched seams which makes saddle pain due to seams a thing of the past. Oh – and the best part? They are virtually invisible under your clothing. Try them under tight exercise lycra or your white competition breeches. You won’t see them!

Equi.Linn Hipster brief really are the best choice when it comes to high performing underwear for the horse rider who expects nothing but the best!

Equi.Linn Hipster briefs are for sale at for $29.95

(all orders over $75 qualify for free shipping in Australia)

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June 11th, 2014 by menken

My riding lesson this morning made me painfully aware of my short-comings as a dressage rider. While I have been thinking I was a pretty good rider, it became painfully obvious today that I am not balanced in the saddle. I do not ride from my core and seat, but rather with my spurs and hands… (and my horse dobbed me in! I couldn’t even get him to canter.. wow!)

BAD RIDER! Bad, bad rider…. at least that’s how I felt.

I should have known better, but when my instructor asked “do you have a monkey strap in front of your saddle”? The word ‘yes’ just slipped from my mouth…

Seriously?! Did I not learn anything during my last lesson??

Before I knew it my instructor tied my stirrups to the girth with only a 10cm range of motion, thus forcing me to keep my legs on the horse (ouch!). To add insult to injury, he also tied my wrist together with a rubber band at approx 10cm from my monkey strap in front of my saddle. But you know what? After a while I really got the hang of it, and I was even able to do a walk – trot – canter from the seat without using my hands and spurs too much. (OK.. it took about 4 times to get my Elementary level dressage horse to pick up a canter!…. but still, we cantered… eventually.)

My horse felt amazing: collected and together. His trot was easier to sit on and he didn’t fall into the transitions as much as he usually does. Perhaps there is something to say for this method of teaching? (although I would not recommend doing this all the time as it’s quite difficult!) Now… where did I find that article on stretches again?

I feel the need for some stretches coming up or I won’t be able to walk tomorrow… Here it is:Dynamic Stretching – Balanced Rider Blog.

PS – I was super happy that I wore Equi.Linn Amsterdam this morning during the lesson. I needed all the support I could get! 😉
What size are you? Find out here

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