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February 3rd, 2016 by menken



This CAP helmet is made according to the 2016 European standards and is perfect for PONYCLUB riders.

You use the black or “no bling” front for Pony club and use the sparkly one for your dressage competitions of just for fun… 😀

Check out the CAP helmet here:

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July 9th, 2015 by menken

Winter is well and truly here! 

So be prepared with this awesome range of winter woolies and insect protecting rugs! 🙂




Keep your horse safe from biting insects, mozzies and midgets with this funky flysheet. Zebra stripes are used more often as this pattern has proven to be a great deterrent for horse-flies, as is mentioned in this article from “the Horse” :

Zebra stripes might soon be the new hot fashion in summer equine wear. Printed on rugs and sheets, ear covers, and leg wraps, it could be attractive to everyone.

Everyone, that is, except horseflies.


That’s because, according to a recent study by Hungarian and Swedish researchers, horseflies–known to scientists as tabanids–find zebra stripes incredibly unappealing. And the thinner and more numerous the stripes, the more the flies are deterred from landing on the animal.

This finding could be particularly beneficial for owners of black or brown horses. Dark horses attract significantly more horseflies than light-colored horses and zebras, Horvath said.



fleece rug






This rug is the perfect protection for your horse in the cooler autumn and winter months. It keeps your horse warm, comfortable and dry. The double chest straps make sure the rug stays in place while your horse goes for a gallop through the paddocks!

  • Outside: 600D ripstop
  • Polyester Lining: 65% polyester/ 35% cotton
  • Outdoor rug with fleece lining, seamless on top and no filling
  • Action gussets
  • Tailflap
  • Nylon chest lining
  • X-surcingles
  • Taped seams
  • Detachable elasticated legstraps
  • Impermeability: 2000WR/WP Breathability: 2000MVP




Have these exercise sheets draped over your horse. Easy to remove once your horse has warmed up

Perfect for Autumn and winter days when you want to keep your horses’ muscles warm before you start exercising.

  • Fleece exercise sheet with nylon lining and velcro closure.
  • 100% polyester anti-pilling fleece





Back by popular demand! This navy blue and red fleece rug has the perfect weight / warmth for Queensland winters. You can use it as a stable rug in autumn, or as a fancy show-rug. The double chest straps and surcingles make sure the rug stays in place

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June 12th, 2015 by menken

IMG_1277 IMG_1276 IMG_1264 IMG_1262

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April 12th, 2015 by menken

When you have a dark horse (black, brown or dark bay) you have so many fun options to add a splash of colour to your outfit!

In the past we’ve focused on the Yellow, Green and Pink options.. but how about RED?

Red is a passionate colour, the colour of love and don’t we all love our horses?

A quick search for the colour red in our store shows that we have the following in stock:

And for you:

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Magic Brush detail
March 16th, 2015 by menken

Magic Brushes are the most amazing piece of horse grooming equipment you will ever own. The magic brushes come in a pack of 3 and can be used both dry and wet. This makes them super versatile.

The 2015 collection of magic brush colours

The benefit of having 3 brushes is that you will never be lost without one:

  • Have one brush in your tack box
  • Have one brush at your wash bay
  • Have one brush in your float

The tack box is easy: You need a brush to groom your horse. Use the Magic Brush as a curry comb, going in circular motions across the entire body of your horse. You can even use these brushes on their legs, pasterns, fetlocks and hooves.

After you’ve gone over the entire body in a circular motion – tap the brush on the ground to clear it and to get rid of all the hairs and dust that has collected in the brush. Now – use the same brush and go over the horse one more time, but now as a body brush. Use short strokes and long strokes to remove all dirt, loose hairs and dust from your horse. You can even use the brush on their head. My horse loves being brushed on the cheek and under his jaw with these brushes!

magic brushes at

Magic Brushes are available at

  Why keep a brush at the wash-bay? These brushes are 100% water proof and they even withstand the harsh UV conditions in Australia. Easy to keep outside so you always have a brush handy for washing your horse. These brushes are amazing to get all the salt from your horse’s skin after your ride. Use them to really get into the coat while you hose down with cool water. You can also use them when you wash your horse – it will help you safe on shampoo as you need a lot less when you use these brushes!

The best thing? The back of the brush is can be used as a sweat scraper. How easy is that? And finally – I always keep one of these magic brushes in the float so that I always have a brush and a sweat scraper at off-site lessons and clinics. Nothing is more annoying than arriving at a lesson, only to realise you forgot your sweat scraper. What is the one thing you should never do with these brushes? The things I would never do are:

    • Loan them to somebody else, as you’ll never get them back


  • Leave them in the bottom of your tack box. These brushes are meant to be used.. often!



  • Leave them in the house, as they will be used to brush the dog or the cat and you’ll never see your brush again.



  • Oh – and never hold them close to an open flame… they are made of plastic and they will melt!



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March 15th, 2015 by menken

Early in the morning, when you walk outside to feed your horses, you can feel it. You can smell it… there is a change in the air!

The mornings are crisper, the grass has more dew on it and you can just feel that autumn and winter are just around the corner. Time to get ready for some major horse grooming!

Every change of season comes with your horse shedding their coat to make room for the coat they need for the upcoming season. With the days getting shorter, the hairs in your horse’s coat get longer.

How to speed up this process? With a little MAGIC:

Magic Brush detail

Magic brushes get more dirt from their coat than you can imaging!

The magic brushes are not only brilliant for cleaning your horse, but they also work fabulous in helping to speed up the coat shedding process.

magic brush fans

Great testimonial for the Magic Brushes

The way the magic brush bristles are designed helps with dead hairs to loosen from the coat and you’ll be amazed how much hair you’ll get from your horse in one grooming session!

As an added bonus – your horse will absolutely love you for it! They love the soft massage action that the magic brushes give on their skin and muscles.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – get your magic brushes now…. You have the choice from 3 different colour sets:

  • Neon
  • Purple
  • Ice Blue
magic brushes in Dayboro

Get your magic brushes at

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February 16th, 2015 by menken

Taking your horse Trail Riding

Even the most rewarded high performance rider wants to take their horse for a trail ride. There is nothing like riding through forest or at the beach! Smelling the clean, fresh air and being part of nature.

When going on a trail ride (or out on a hack or bush-bashing like some people say) you need to dress for the occasion. Depending on how long you’re going out for, the weather can be unpredictable and temperatures can change quite dramatically.

But above all – dress comfortably and not too smart.European breeches (1)





After all, you’re out for a relaxed ride outside and you’re not at a competition. Poloshirts and colourful or dark riding breeches are perfectly fine for a trail ride.

Most people prefer to wear chaps and not their top boots which mean you can add a splash of colour with your socks!

Our favourite breeches are these Harry’s Horse Dry Creek breeches. They are super comfortable as they stretch in all directions and the colour helps to hide stains and horse slobber. 😉

Dry Creek breeches are fabulous for long trail rides



Combine this polo (St. John in Raspberry) with the brown breeches for a smart look.



Add a puffer vest / body warmer on days when it gets a bit cooler in the mornings.



And of course, the socks! How can we forget the horse riding socks… brilliant colours and super comfort because of the terry cotton foot.


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February 11th, 2015 by menken

Horse riding: what to wear?

Looking through Pinterest and internet pages one could feel overwhelmed with all the different types of clothing options. However, when you just start out with riding, you don’t need to apply for a bank loan in order to find the right clothing.The important things to wear with horse riding are:

Safety first: from head to toe

Horse riding boots

Boots, or at least enclosed footwear. Best is a shoe/boot with a smooth sole as they won’t get stuck in the stirrup so easy. The reason for sturdy and enclosed footwear is mostly a safety issue. Horses are over 500kg and when they step on your toes it hurts (a lot!), and without proper footwear you will break or lose a toe…


You only have one head and you want to make sure it is protected at all times. Horses are animals and unlike bikes or cars they can get scared or spooked when you least expect it. Wear a helmet when you’re around horses and especially when you’re horse riding. Most riding schools have the rule that everybody must wear a helmet when mounted on a horse.You may be able to borrow a helmet, but eventually you will want to purchase your own helmet. A quality helmet will cost anywhere between $125 and $750 so choose wisely!

The rest of your outfit is for comfort during riding horses:
Comfortable pants / riding breeches

While you can ride in jeans, it may not be the most comfortable option in the long term for non-western riding styles. When you ride in a Western saddle or an Australian stock saddle, jeans might be a good choice, but be prepared for some painful legs (think dreadlocks / waxing style action going on under your jeans).Sweat pants or any style of gym-gear might work for one-off rides, but when you plan on riding horses more often, you’re better off to invest in some horse riding pants (aka breeches).

Check out the Harrys Horse range of riding breeches:


Shirt / T-shirt

For normal day to day riding, or trail riding you don’t need to purchase anything new. Just wear comfortable clothing that stretches and follows your body during activity (yes, horse riding is an active sport so expect to sweat a little!)


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February 4th, 2015 by menken

When you go to a dressage competition, the first thing you need to do is to present yourself (and your horse) to gear check. Often the gear check are in a tent, or some shady spot at the entrance toward the dressage arenas and close to the warmup.The gear check people will do a quick check of everything that you and your horse are wearing:


  1. Not wearing any boots when you go in for your test (you’re allowed to wear them during warmup).
  2. Dressage or general purpose saddle with stirrups and the girth checked for the correct tension
  3. Saddle blanket that is preferably white or a light colour
  4. Bridle and bit must be in line with the dressage rules.

(notice that plaiting / braiding is NOT mandatory, but very much appreciated at it shows care and diligence toward the officials. When you add braids, you are NOT allowed to use”bling” or coloured elastics or ribbons)

white saddle pad

White saddle blankets are preferred

flex trainer boots

White boots look great in the warmup – but are not allowed during the test


  1. Wearing a helmet that is fastened at all time you’re in the saddle
  2. Wearing gloves (white preferred, but dark allowed)
  3. Wearing light coloured jodhpurs or breeches (see dressage rules)
  4. Wearing a light coloured shirt and dark jacket
  5. You are allowed to carry a whip, but it has to be shorter than 1.2m when you’re riding a horse or 1.0m when you’re riding a pony.

White domy gloves are great for competitions

Safety helmet

A safety helmet is required


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February 3rd, 2015 by menken

The Royal Horse Academy is a great collection of stylish fashion for you and your horse. Everything is colour coordinated without it being over the top. Just really classy. The materials used are comfortable (think cotton for the shirts and technical moisture wicking materials for the saddle pads) and they simply look fabulous. RHA saddle blanket


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