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June 22nd, 2014 by menken

When my son was still riding, it was always a struggle to find him riding clothes that weren’t too ‘girly’…

We usually ended up with plain beige or navy jodphurs and a normal t-shirt but he usually complained that it didn’t look “cool” enough. Shame my son gave up riding a few years ago, as we just started importing this amazing brand “Mike & Charlie” into Australia.

Their equestrian clothing is casual and fun, and made to withstand the forces of being worn by kids! (need I say more??)

jeans breeches

Jeans breeches for cool kids

Breeches for boys

Take away the belt and these breeches are great for boys!

Yes, there is a lot of pink for girls but there are also cool Jeans for riding and grey / blue shirts and cardigans. Boy horse riders can finally ride in style… for flatwork and jumping. (the pants even seem comfortable enough to wear all day, but you have to take them off before you go to bed 😉

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