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June 29th, 2015 by menken


Getting up close and personal with Magic Brushes… sharing what they look like, how they sound, and best of all: how they work.

Answering the two most frequently asked questions:

1. Do Magic Brushes work?

2. How do I get the hairs out of the magic Brushes?


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Magic Brush detail
March 16th, 2015 by menken

Magic Brushes are the most amazing piece of horse grooming equipment you will ever own. The magic brushes come in a pack of 3 and can be used both dry and wet. This makes them super versatile.

The 2015 collection of magic brush colours

The benefit of having 3 brushes is that you will never be lost without one:

  • Have one brush in your tack box
  • Have one brush at your wash bay
  • Have one brush in your float

The tack box is easy: You need a brush to groom your horse. Use the Magic Brush as a curry comb, going in circular motions across the entire body of your horse. You can even use these brushes on their legs, pasterns, fetlocks and hooves.

After you’ve gone over the entire body in a circular motion – tap the brush on the ground to clear it and to get rid of all the hairs and dust that has collected in the brush. Now – use the same brush and go over the horse one more time, but now as a body brush. Use short strokes and long strokes to remove all dirt, loose hairs and dust from your horse. You can even use the brush on their head. My horse loves being brushed on the cheek and under his jaw with these brushes!

magic brushes at

Magic Brushes are available at

  Why keep a brush at the wash-bay? These brushes are 100% water proof and they even withstand the harsh UV conditions in Australia. Easy to keep outside so you always have a brush handy for washing your horse. These brushes are amazing to get all the salt from your horse’s skin after your ride. Use them to really get into the coat while you hose down with cool water. You can also use them when you wash your horse – it will help you safe on shampoo as you need a lot less when you use these brushes!

The best thing? The back of the brush is can be used as a sweat scraper. How easy is that? And finally – I always keep one of these magic brushes in the float so that I always have a brush and a sweat scraper at off-site lessons and clinics. Nothing is more annoying than arriving at a lesson, only to realise you forgot your sweat scraper. What is the one thing you should never do with these brushes? The things I would never do are:

    • Loan them to somebody else, as you’ll never get them back


  • Leave them in the bottom of your tack box. These brushes are meant to be used.. often!



  • Leave them in the house, as they will be used to brush the dog or the cat and you’ll never see your brush again.



  • Oh – and never hold them close to an open flame… they are made of plastic and they will melt!



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March 15th, 2015 by menken

Early in the morning, when you walk outside to feed your horses, you can feel it. You can smell it… there is a change in the air!

The mornings are crisper, the grass has more dew on it and you can just feel that autumn and winter are just around the corner. Time to get ready for some major horse grooming!

Every change of season comes with your horse shedding their coat to make room for the coat they need for the upcoming season. With the days getting shorter, the hairs in your horse’s coat get longer.

How to speed up this process? With a little MAGIC:

Magic Brush detail

Magic brushes get more dirt from their coat than you can imaging!

The magic brushes are not only brilliant for cleaning your horse, but they also work fabulous in helping to speed up the coat shedding process.

magic brush fans

Great testimonial for the Magic Brushes

The way the magic brush bristles are designed helps with dead hairs to loosen from the coat and you’ll be amazed how much hair you’ll get from your horse in one grooming session!

As an added bonus – your horse will absolutely love you for it! They love the soft massage action that the magic brushes give on their skin and muscles.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – get your magic brushes now…. You have the choice from 3 different colour sets:

  • Neon
  • Purple
  • Ice Blue
magic brushes in Dayboro

Get your magic brushes at

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February 11th, 2015 by menken

Every day we look at the products we have in stock, and we have grown obsessed with a couple of our best selling products. So obsessed, that we HAVE to share the list with you…

Our top 5 of February 2015:

IM Equestrian

IM Equestrian Pre-tied stock ties



Harrys Horse Fashion at Horses Store

Harry’s Horse Champ Shirt


Huge Range of Saddle cloths

Huge Range of Saddle cloths

View my Store



These horse riding socks are so comfortable! The terry cotton under the foot gives cushioning and support..





Once you’ve tried these magic brushes you will NEVER go back..



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February 10th, 2015 by menken

We know Channing Tatum can dance… and he can act…. but did you know he also knows how to ride horses? Channing had to ride horses in the movie “The Eagle” , and we even found a photo from Vanity Fair in 2013 where he modelled on a horse.. Looks pretty professional to us 😉

But the big question is… would the actor of MAGIC MIKE and Magic Mike XXL also  use MAGIC BRUSHES when he has to groom his horse?
We don’t know for sure, but we certainly think he would / should! After all… wouldn’t you use magic in every part of your life?

Team11 Check the Magic Brushes here




Don’t know what magic brushes look like and how they work?Click on the image below to read more about them:

[caption id="attachment_207" align="alignleft" width="474"]magic brushes at Magic Brushes are available at


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February 3rd, 2015 by menken
Magic Brush detail

Magic brushes get more dirt from their coat than you can imagine!

I am lazy – I won’t do anything if it is not really necessary. I don’t iron my clothes (unless I plan to go into a meeting and need to look presentable) and I don’t always brush my horses – especially when they look clean when I take their rug off.
This has changed…. I now brush my horses every day, even when I don’t ride them! There have been so many clients absolutely raving about the magic brushes that I decided to purchase a set for myself and give them a ‘test run’… oh boy!

It’s MAGIC!…

Wow, these brushes are amazing... at first I didn’t think much of them as they feel a bit flimsy in your hand. After all it’s just a plastic brush, and after decades of only using real hair brushes with either a wood or leather backing if feels cheap to be brushing your horse with a brush that is made out of plastic.

Within one brushing session however I was converted. Before I tell you what happened, you need to understand that my horses always look clean – people always comment on their shiny coats and clean appearance. But appearances are not always what they seem, as I found out when I brushed my horse with the magic brushes.

  1. Initially I used long strokes but that doesn’t really work,
    the bristles just slide over the coat without any impact.
  2. I used the magic brush like you would a curry comb –
    you can brush in all directions, the bristles are designed for you to do that – and be amazed at the amount of dirt that comes off your horse!

The magic brush’s bristles are stiff but gentle at the same time. You can use the brush on legs, bones and joint. They work really well to get that scruffy stuff of the legs and that little hollow below your horse’s hock.

Want to read other people’s feedback and review? Click on the image below…

My biggest surprise however was when my horse leaned in to have his head brushed!! I have had my horse for 12 years and he HATES any brush to touch his head. I have tried at least 6 different type of brushes and never ever has he leaned in and lowered his head to allow me to brush his head… until today. That’s a testament to the softness of the brush while being effective in cleaning.

magic brushes at

Magic Brushes are available at

My second brush I have at the wash bay to help get the shampoo and conditioner nice and deep into the coat.

The back of the brush doubles as a sweat scraper which is really clever and helps to check if the water flows off clean without any soap scum being present in the coat. And my third brush??
That one lives in our house to brush the dog, who now sits still for her grooming session – trust me, this is a lot more pleasant than having to struggle with a 35kg Rottweiler!;-)

Magic Brushes are for sale in the eStore.

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January 3rd, 2015 by menken

Good scratch

Hands up if you love a good massage?!

It’s the ultimate relaxation, and leaves you feeling so wonderful and mellow. It melts away sore muscles and lulls you into a soft, sleepy state that is worry free and just lovely. My horses LOVE a good scratch and take every opportunity to either give a massage or receive one. Look at Ovitz’s face when he received a bodywork massage last week:

The face of a horse enjoying his massage

The face of a horse enjoying his massage


You can almost hear him say “ooooh, yes.. that’s soooo good!” He just stood there, wiggling his top lip for the full duration of the hamstring massage that he received (mind you – this was after a 3 hour trail ride so I can understand it must have felt super nice). As soon as my horses go outside in the paddock they look for each other and give a nice scratch on the wither, back and in general those spots they can’t reach independently. We humans can mimic that behaviour by brushing our horses every day.

Max & Ruby

Can you scratch my back please??

Sure, grooming is important to clean their coat, and to check for cuts, scrapes and other skin issues, but above all it’s a great bonding opportunity with your horse. A soft brush might feel similar to a ‘fluffy’ swedish massage on your back, and the curry comb might be more like an intense remedial massage.. really getting into those stiff and tired muscles.

I have noticed that since I use the Magic Brushes, that my horses enjoy our grooming sessions just that little bit more. They bend and flex their bodies to make sure I really get those itchy spots, and often they start grooming me at the same time.It must have something to do with the Magic Brush bristles.. they are hard enough to give a good brush and vigorous stimulating massage feeling, but soft enough to make the overall experience comfortable and relaxing.

Magic brushes are available in Queensland from

Magic Brushes

As an extra bonus, the Magic Brushes clean their coat really well and you can use them both wet and dry.

Check out the review of the Magic Brushes on this website.

Magic brushes sell in sets of 3 for $24.95Magic brushes are available at

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June 5th, 2014 by menken

The official description of the Magic brushes says:

MAGIC BRUSH © – remove sweat/scurf and get a super glossy summer coat

Authentic and Original MAGIC BRUSH © -Guarantee the BEST horse brush you will ever own or your money back

One of Germany’s BEST SELLERS – Multi award winning!

**Now in Australia – available from**

Magic Brush © COAT

  • Suited to ALL types and BREEDS of horse hair (from the hairy to the sensitive)
  • Ideal for removing winter coat
  • Effortlessly lifts dried sweat and scurf right down to the skin
  • Massages whilst cleaning
  • Perfect as a sweat scraper and shampooing your horse
  • Removes stubborn horse hair from rugs and saddle blankets

Magic Brush © LEG

  • Reliably removes dirt, mud and stubborn grass stains
  • Protect joints and bones
  • Gets into the tightest of depressions
  • Ergonomic shape, light weight and easy to use
  • Easy to clean and can even go in the washing machine

Magic Brush © HOOF

  • Easy cleaning of hoof, frog and the smallest of gaps in the shoe
  • Protects the sensitive hoof, heel and coronet
  • 100% waterproof
  • Will not swell or lose any bristles and is virtually indestructible, even if your horse stands on it!

Magic Brush © Additional Brilliant FEATURES:

  • High quality EU material, makes the brush nearly indestructible
  • Unique triangular and conical shaped quadro bristles allow astonishing results in cleaning, grooming and massaging
  • Adjusts to the surface it is used on
  • Can be used on other animal such as cats, dogs, cows etc.
  • Can be used for other purposes such as cleaning horse troughs, mud and sand off your boots, saw dust off your socks etc.

Set of 3 Magic Brushes © which ensures hygienic usage or have a brush in each location i.e. stables, tie ups, wash bay, float, back door etc.

Magic Brush detail

Magic brushes get more dirt from their coat than you can imaging!


magic brushes in Dayboro, QLD from

Magic brushes are available at

These brushes are such a good deal. You don’t need a whole tack box full with different type of brushes.  Three of these brushes is enough to clean your horse from top to bottom. The material used to create these magic brushes means that you can use them to wash  your horse as well. How easy is that?!

All our clients who purchase these magic brushes come back to purchase more sets for friends. (they make a fabulous birthday gift…)

One of the most surprising benefits of these brushes is that they are great to get hair off your saddle blankets, horse rugs and clothing.The magic brushes come in a set of three:


Magic brushes available in Dayboro, Queensland from

Choose between these three colours

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