Dressage competition clothing – must wear gloves

When you go to a dressage competition, the first thing you need to do is to present yourself (and your horse) to gear check. Often the gear check are in a tent, or some shady spot at the entrance toward the dressage arenas and close to the warmup.The gear check people will do a quick check of everything that you and your horse are wearing:


  1. Not wearing any boots when you go in for your test (you’re allowed to wear them during warmup).
  2. Dressage or general purpose saddle with stirrups and the girth checked for the correct tension
  3. Saddle blanket that is preferably white or a light colour
  4. Bridle and bit must be in line with the dressage rules.

(notice that plaiting / braiding is NOT mandatory, but very much appreciated at it shows care and diligence toward the officials. When you add braids, you are NOT allowed to use”bling” or coloured elastics or ribbons)

white saddle pad

White saddle blankets are preferred

flex trainer boots

White boots look great in the warmup – but are not allowed during the test


  1. Wearing a helmet that is fastened at all time you’re in the saddle
  2. Wearing gloves (white preferred, but dark allowed)
  3. Wearing light coloured jodhpurs or breeches (see dressage rules)
  4. Wearing a light coloured shirt and dark jacket
  5. You are allowed to carry a whip, but it has to be shorter than 1.2m when you’re riding a horse or 1.0m when you’re riding a pony.

White domy gloves are great for competitions

Safety helmet

A safety helmet is required


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