Getting your confidence back

Remember when you were a kid and confidence just oozed out of you? How a tumble off a horse never phased you or made you question your riding ability or safety? Weren’t those the days!

As we get older, we grow wiser and our regard for life changes and we become more careful as well as cautious. So if our horse spooks or we have a fall (being big or small) it can severely impact our confidence in our horse, our safety and our riding ability if the unexpected occurs.


Once we start doubting ourselves, we start to anticipate all of the bad things that could happen while we are riding, which in turn makes us nervous. Horses are incredibly sensitive creatures and will pick up on your nervous body language.


Horse has more confidence in you = horse sees you as a leader
Horse sees you as leader = You have more confidence
You have more confidence = Your horse has more confidence in you.

Here is a fantastic blog that has compiled a number of resources that will help you become confident in your riding again


Another fantastic article ­čÖé┬á



If confidence in yourself isn’t a huge drama but you would like to help your horse become more confident, have a look at some of Warrick Schiller’s videos – like the one below.


I know that a few of the falls you’ll see below would shake me up! :-O



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