Help – the summer rain soaked my sawdust pile

Proteq Equine Bedding

Although we love the rain in Queensland as it turned our crisp brown paddocks into lovely green pasture, the downside of all this rain is that most of us are battling large wet sloppy piles of sawdust. Nothing beats that smell of freshly delivered sawdust – and you try to keep it dry by covering it with tarps or even create nifty roofing systems to go over the sawdust to keep it dry.

fresh dry sawdust

The reason is easy: wet sawdust doesn’t absorb any more moisture so it’s pretty much useless in the stables. In addition to the annoyance factor, it also poses a health risk due to mould and bacteria growth in the sawdust. Adding this to your horse stable increases the risk of respiratory disease and overall health issues. But even when you manage to keep your sawdust pile reasonably dry, it still means you need to brave the elements to push your wheelbarrow through the rain to fill it up with sawdust. Either way it’s a wet and dirty job…

Proteq Equine Bedding


Proteq equine bedding available at Horses-Store

Proteq Equine bedding can be stored inside

For the past year we have been using Proteq Equine bedding and absolutely love this product. It’s easy to store as it comes in 15kg bags. You can stack the bags in your stable, feedroom or tack room where the content stays dry.

No more pushing wheelbarrows through the rain to a mushy, sloppy pile of sawdust! Just keep everything in your working area – this saves you so much time… The bedding is sawdust in a pellet form, which means you need to add water to make the pellets expand into fluffy sawdust. The sawdust has been kiln dried to make sure there are no nasties left in the wood. All bacteria and germs have been killed during the kiln drying process, which brings the moisture content down to around 8% making the sawdust super absorbent in the stable.

Proteq Equine Bedding

You need to add water after adding it to your stable bedding.


You can buy Proteq at your local produce store, or when you’re in the Dayboro area (near Samford and Petrie in SE Queensland), you can pick it up from the Horses-store warehouse.

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