How to choose bell boots for your horse

I remember the first time I wanted to buy bell boots for my horse. We started to do some jumping and I wanted to protect his hooves and coronet band from knocks and bumps against the poles.

But where do you start?


How to measure your horse for the correct size? And how to choose between the different types?


The bell boots (or over reach boots) that we sell are in the following sizes: (please note that this is a ROUGH guide and that your horse might be different as its bigger boned or has skinny legs.. use your own gut-feeling based on the standard guidelines below)

SMALL – this is for ponies (up to 14.1hh )

MEDIUM – this is for cob and small horses (mostly up to 15.3hh) or horses with thin legs

LARGE – this is for horses up to 16.3hh

XLARGE – for larger horses, or horse with broader legs and/or wider hooves.


Check out the differences below:

Our bell boots are available in store:

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