How to train your kitten to use a kitty tray

Proteq Equine Bedding is an amazing product to use as a kitty litter. The natural pinewood product soaks up all fluids with the smells and odours.

To find out how to use Proteq Equine Bedding as kitty litter, read this article

Here are some tips to help your kitten use the litter tray:

Never place the tray next to your cat’s food and water

Youtube video on how to litter-train your kitten:

Choose the right type of tray:

Select your litter tray

Three are two types of trays are available – covered trays or uncovered trays.

  • Covered tray: offers privacy and is a good option for timid cats. This style of tray requires more frequent changing than an open tray and may not be suited to a larger cat as there is limited space to scratch, dig and turn around.In addition older cats and kittens may find access to these trays difficult.
  • Uncovered tray: an open design without lid. Uncovered trays are suited to cats of all ages, particularly kittens and older cats for their ease of access. Be warned – cats may scoop litter over the sides!

Spot cleaning your cat’s tray is important to avoid toileting in areas outside of the tray.  [ ]


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