Life with horses


Episode 21: Building Cavaletti for dressage training


How to build your own Cavaletti

SIX little training videos for showjumpers:

And finally: Mr. Chris Chugg at the ELF Showjumping:


Episode 20: How to dismount with style

Episode 19: Hot weather management and Yoga for horse riders

Episode 18: New Dressage Rules for Australia


Episode 17: Pilates for Showjumpers and the need for coaches

Episode 16: The Canada Edition



Episode 15: Dressage victory, sore muscles and a stallion-crush

Shannan Goodwin: [Goodwin Dressage Stables]

Episode 14: Barry the Horse and Pilates for horseriders

Barry and Rosie

7:15 min — Pilates for Horse riders.

Showjumper Shape-up (based on the chair pose in yoga)

Episode 13:

Episode 12: Itchy horses and bareback riding

Episode 11: Hot weather and riding lessons


In episode 11 Ivanka looks back at the long weekend… the weather was perfect, and both the horse riding clinic at Gypsie Lodge as well as trail riding adventures feature in this episode.

The dr. Show detangler mentioned in this episode can be found here:

The article on the showjumping leg position can be found here:…ion-part-i/

Episode 10: The mindset of horse riders and a day at the beach


Episode 9: Horse Boots, Hendra and TEQ in Toowoomba


The Hendra article:



Episode 8: Work work work and worming


The Horse exhibition at the National Gallery in Melbourne Victoria:


Horse visiting owner in hospital:


YOUTUBE: Edward Gal & Glock Zonik


Episode 7: Shopping, smelly hay and insect spray


Episode 6: Rain rain go away… no, please… come back!



The videos discussed are:…206761290824040/

Horse digestive system:


Episode 5: Equine First Aid

What is in your first aid kit? And did you know that horses are amazing councillors??

A picture of my First Aid Kit:

First Aid kit for horses

The article mentioned about the amazing Healing Powers of horses can be found here:  (PS – Clarence Valley is in Australia… not in the US as I said in the podcast… oops)


The video with the vet talk can be found here:


Episode 4: Trailriding dangers


It’s beautiful weather – so we took advantage of it by going on a trailride… but we got a bit more than we bargained for…..;-)


The youtube videos mentioned in this episode:

Hilarious eventing fall at the 1998 World Equestrian Games


Jumping a course without stirrups:


Scoot boots:

article about ulcers:


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="390"] This plant is dangerous to horses

Impacts Economic

  • Competes with pasture species.
  • Toxic to livestock, particularly cattle and horses, causing illness, slow growth and poor conditioning which can result in death.
  • May taint meat and milk.

Episode 3: It’s all about the TopLine


Today Ivanka discusses the adventures of Bella – lunging was very exciting today!

Short video of Bella’s lunging session today:

The news items are…

Evention TV (Youtube ):

Episode 2: A windy Day

Today’s episode of Life with horses is all about the retraining of Bella. Bella is learning how to use her muscles in dressage and she is finding it really challenging.
We’re discussing some of the exercises used during training and how it all went.

The Article about the European Championship can be found here:!apropos/c1ioz

The two YouTube videos are here:

Bridle-less routine:


Episode 1: First day of spring

The first day of spring – what do we need to do?

URL’s mentioned in this podcast episode:
something sad: Why did this fire start in the stables?…davis-horse-barn

Something happy:…ar/2757655/

Kinda cute –

something funny – bloopers:

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