Proteq Equine Bedding used as Kitty Litter

Proteq Equine Bedding

Proteq Equine Bedding

As you might expect, Proteq Equine Bedding is usually sold to horse owners.

Equine bedding is designed for stables and shelters that need to stay clean and dry. The bedding is made from Pine Wood from Queensland which is turned into a pressed pellet with approx. 8% moisture.

Heat treatment of 100% natural pine removes tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens. This results in a clean, pest free bedding which reduces ammonia levels in stabled environments eliminating bad odours and reducing respiratory issues. Additional dust screening significantly helps reduce triggers in respiratory sensitive horses whilst preventing problems beginning in others. (source: proteq Website)

However, we recently discovered that there is another market for Proteq: CAT OWNERS.

Proteq bedding is used by discerning cat show people as their product of choice for the kitty litter. Because Proteq has such a low moisture content, it fluffs up into freshly pine smelling sawdust when it gets wet.

Soggy spots turn into clumps that can easily be removed for disposal. Added benefit is the low dust component and the fact that this litter is 100% natural without any added chemicals or clay. The natural solution that both you and your cat will enjoy.


How is Proteq bedding used for cats?

1. Clean out your entire kitty litter tray.

2. Fill the tray with the proteq pellets – do NOT add water!

3. Use as per normal

When the pellets get wet, they will fluff up into a soft sawdust. When you use a double tray it means that the sawdust will drop to the bottom of the tray.

If you use a single tray, you can scoop the wet sawdust from the litter tray (the wet sawdust clumps up).

Feedback from cat owners is that they are mostly surprised about the smell of the litter tray. The natural wood pellets give off a wonderful pine smell when the moisture activates the pellets, masking the ammonia smell of cat urine.

Product information:

Proteq Bedding is made from renewable planation timber that is 100% Bio-degradable. It has a very pleasant Pine scent.

Proteq Equine bedding used as kitty litter

Proteq pellets before adding water

When used as kitty litter it is;

  • Fast Acting
  • Highly absorbent
  • Eco friendly & Bio-degradable
  • Long Lasting
  • Australia Made

Proteq smells great with a fresh Pine scent. The naturally occuring anti-bacterial oils in the wood can faster on odour, inhibiting the growth of bacteria which causes the ammonia smell.

Try Proteq Equine Bedding now: 15kg bag starts at $14 ( BUY HERE )


Proteq bedding after water was added to the pellets


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