The Dressage Handbook… what’s that?

You open up the dressage handbook and immediately you know that this book is different from any other dressage books you’ve ever read in your life. It’s a collection of facts, information and quotes to do with dressage.. the best way to describe it is that this book tries to emulate what it feels like to be a dressage queen!

Dressage handbook

Check out the Introduction:

” In this book, you’ll find the answers to many Dressage

questions, and the stories behind numerous of Dressage’s most

intriguing pieces of trivia. Each entry includes a fact, the story

behind that fact, and related quotes. I’ve tried to prioritize

them all in some way, but they don’t form a logical line – they

are there for you to explore and ZigZag through.

Together, we’ll jump around from one thing to another, always

finding something Dressage related along the way. Chances

are, wherever you wind up, it’ll be someplace interesting.

As each entry proves that there is so much more to find out

about the Dressage big picture, you’ll be able to call yourself a

true Dressage expert.

So welcome to the world of Dressage facts, trivia and quotes,

where there is much, much to learn.”

A dressage handbook without a logical line… one that zig zags through various topics?? That sounds exactly like I do my Google searches on the topic… (and if I’m really honest it also looks a lot like our centre lines… ahum… )

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The book has 188 pages packed full with content. It’s not one of those fluff books with a lot of aesthetic white spaces.. nope.. every pages is filled to the brim with information and trivia about dressage.


For example:

Dressage – Arena

The standard arena is 20m by 60m (66x197ft), and is used for

tests in both pure dressage and eventing. The standard dressage

arena letters are A-K-V-E-S-H-C-M-R-B-P-F. The letters

on the long sides of the arena, nearest the corners, are 6m

(19.7ft) in from the corners, and are 12m (39.4ft) apart from

each other. The letters along the centre line are D-L-X-I-G,

with X again being half way down the arena. There is speculation

as to why these letters were chosen. Most commonly it is

believed because the German cavalry had a 20 x 60 meter area

in-between the barracks which had the letters posted above the


1992 Summer Olympics – Venues

Real Club de Polo de Barcelona – equestrian (dressage, jumping,

eventing final), modern pentathlon (riding)

Edie Campbell:

’It’s very good for you, riding. You know how every model is like, ‘I do yoga.’ Well, I find horses to have the same effect, in that you have to put

your ego aside and concentrate on making the horse do the things you want it to do, and move in the way you want it to move – particularly if

you’re doing dressage.’

Click Here to Download the Dressage Handbook PDF

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