The one thing you should NEVER do with your magic brushes

Magic Brush detail

Magic Brushes are the most amazing piece of horse grooming equipment you will ever own. The magic brushes come in a pack of 3 and can be used both dry and wet. This makes them super versatile.

The 2015 collection of magic brush colours

The benefit of having 3 brushes is that you will never be lost without one:

  • Have one brush in your tack box
  • Have one brush at your wash bay
  • Have one brush in your float

The tack box is easy: You need a brush to groom your horse. Use the Magic Brush as a curry comb, going in circular motions across the entire body of your horse. You can even use these brushes on their legs, pasterns, fetlocks and hooves.

After you’ve gone over the entire body in a circular motion – tap the brush on the ground to clear it and to get rid of all the hairs and dust that has collected in the brush. Now – use the same brush and go over the horse one more time, but now as a body brush. Use short strokes and long strokes to remove all dirt, loose hairs and dust from your horse. You can even use the brush on their head. My horse loves being brushed on the cheek and under his jaw with these brushes!

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  Why keep a brush at the wash-bay? These brushes are 100% water proof and they even withstand the harsh UV conditions in Australia. Easy to keep outside so you always have a brush handy for washing your horse. These brushes are amazing to get all the salt from your horse’s skin after your ride. Use them to really get into the coat while you hose down with cool water. You can also use them when you wash your horse – it will help you safe on shampoo as you need a lot less when you use these brushes!

The best thing? The back of the brush is can be used as a sweat scraper. How easy is that? And finally – I always keep one of these magic brushes in the float so that I always have a brush and a sweat scraper at off-site lessons and clinics. Nothing is more annoying than arriving at a lesson, only to realise you forgot your sweat scraper. What is the one thing you should never do with these brushes? The things I would never do are:

    • Loan them to somebody else, as you’ll never get them back


  • Leave them in the bottom of your tack box. These brushes are meant to be used.. often!



  • Leave them in the house, as they will be used to brush the dog or the cat and you’ll never see your brush again.



  • Oh – and never hold them close to an open flame… they are made of plastic and they will melt!



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