First pony? There are things you need to know

So you want to get into horse riding, but don’t have your own horse? Knowing where to start can be tough.

When looking at potential horses, getting a second opinion is extremely important, even if you are a knowledgeable horse person yourself. This is especially true if you are buying your first horse. A knowledgeable trainer can objectively look at a horse and pull out the fine details that you might not notice which will influence your decision in purchasing the horse.


Too many first-time horse owners select a horse that isn’t right for them. Eventually, they get frustrated and give up on horses altogether, forever missing out on the joy of horse ownership.

Buying a horse is a lot like buying a used car. Both take a lot of research, plus some experience and smart buying strategies, to make a purchase you’ll be happy with.

Here are some fantastic articles on the web on what to look for when buying your first horse

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Next week we will look at how to be safe around your new horse  as well as covering a new exciting announcement for Horses-Store! Stay tuned…..

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